WHO IS TERRY HOWCOTT is an introduction to your host, to the personal commitment that brought terryhowcott.com to fruition and some minimal expectations for the site.



"BROAD AND BLACK" FAMILY DEVELOPMENT - This multifaceted area of the site includes your host’s discussion of various approaches to resolvable dilemmas facing our folk. This page boasts a first of its kind online gallery of Black families in all of our splendor toward offline community building. This distinguishes terryhowcott.com with having the potential of being more than a website.

HIV/AIDS AFRICANA - A tribute to our ancestors and survivors of HIV/AIDS juxtaposed against a continuing community ignorance and populational abandonment.

A CALL TO ABOLISH BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE - A discussion of Black on Black violence – and specifically domestic violence. This space issues a series of starter ideas toward revolutionary, effective approaches to this community-wide, in depth problem.

BLACK NATIONAL HARVEST - A lyrical analysis and application imploring us to consider the far reaching implications of low-down bigoted behavior which rails against our adult population and our ability to rear healthy families.

RICOCHET OF INTRA-RACE BIGOTRY - Intra-Race Bigotry (commonly termed “homophobia”) is discussed here – raising awareness of its destructive impact on development of our girls-to-women and our boys-to-men.

STRUTTING OUR STUFF - A reminder of our sum-total worth, “Strutting our Stuff” shepherds terryhowcott.com visitors to a scriptural context in which they can think about “Claiming the Whole Beloved Community.”

BROAD & BLACK: CLAIMING THE WHOLE BELOVED COMMUNITY - A communal gallery of Broad and Black family members and couples introducing a virtual revolutionary fairness and manifest love. This page of the site needs your family member-couple photo submissions to keep this virtual community alive. Terryhowcott.com then takes it a step further keeping a confidential contact list toward an off-line “First Annual ‘Broad and Black’ Family Reunion – “a gathering of all our intelligence.”



The summit of TerryHowcott.com - “The Greenspace" is a publishing venue for writers, thinkers, social interrogators, commentators, poets and others to share their wisdom and analytical wares.



All oppressed people and cultures can find comfort and solace here. RAVAGED CULTURES SPARK A CULTURAL REVIVAL is a display of tools of domination, oppressive events and artistic expression. You will find penetrating gazes and faces with deep lines produced by outrageous systems of tyranny. Many of the images at this space will haunt you - move you - and will leave you in awe of the genius of Black, Brown, and indigenous peoples and our storybook collective struggle and survival.



WITH OUR EXCEPTIONAL SELVES is a visual endowment to Same Gender Loving women of African descent – striking, brilliant, and compensating as she is. This space is an illustrative response to vilification of our loving relationships and slighting of our collective brilliance. It is an exhibit of our emergence even while conservative extremists stoop to new lows - rushing to exhibit a few of us at our worse - and while politically anemic progressives stand by in utter silence.



From the REFLECTING POOL, TerryHowcott.com visitors can purchase T Shirts that reflect justice seeking messaging. These shirts will reflect both Broad and Black focused thought, social critique, and cross-cultural ideals not commonly found on mainstream T wear.



Find sites on the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED SITES page that are educational, reflect the hard work and representation of our community, innovation and activist thought - and of course great art and music.



CONTACT is another opportunity to access all contact email addresses for terryhowcott.com to request citing or to propose photos for all of the galleries - including With Our Exceptional Selves, Ravaged Cultures Spark A Cultural Revival, Claiming The Whole Beloved Community and the photo boxes at A Thinker’s Greenspace.



The PHOTO AND MUSIC CREDITS page is a mere token symbol of appreciation for the brilliant jazz legends, artists, and photographers, and also the galleries, libraries and museums that granted permission for the use of their great work and materials at terryhowcott.com



There are already inquiries about terminologies at Terryhowcott.com and I am glad to explain. This website is meant to facilitate a cultural conversation. Writers, thinkers and poets who grace a “Thinker’s Greenspace” with your submissions can feel free to use the terms "gay," "lesbian," "bisexual" and "homophobia." Otherwise, these terms are deliberately not used.

In my personal transformation, I see them as simply not rich enough. I also see them as a reflection of a systemic exclusion or insubstantial inclusion of Black ideas and contributions. That system lacks appreciation for the depth and breadth of the Black Same Gender Loving, bi-attractional, and “T” experience.

The term “homophobia” - a characterization of fear - is reasonable and applicable in many contexts. However, accusations of anxiety and panic are not relevant in all situations as bigotry is a complex predicament. Being fair, I can not cast out such allegations aimlessly across a segment of our people. Whether or not a bigot has a phobia, we can count on him practicing bigotry.


Terryhowcott.com has made every effort to ascertain the origin of all photos, and is eager to cite all work.
Please contact info@terryhowcott.com to discuss citing or to propose photos for exhibition by sending them with photographer/artist's name, image title, and/or web address.

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