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"Little Africa"

White Rioting at Black Wall Street, 1921

The Largest massacre of civilians in the history of the U.S.

There are both stunning and devastating considerations as we look back on the story of Greenwood, Oklahoma.

Here were thousands of African people who in an enormously demeaning and oppressive - terrorist environment, built loving, prosperous communities, just as they had done on the continent.

We can see how the makings of all of enraging circumstances that we observe today, were given still more White social legitimacy.

Rebuilding Black Wall Street

(Note, wearing a suit certainly does not open the floodgates of Black childhood morality.)

Those include the utter destruction of Black community building and properties, mass murder, harassment and victimization of our people, shady and mean-spirited, killer laws, widespread White jealousy, terrorizing policing, and the list goes on and on.

Greenwood, and towns like it would have been among the perpetual Black centers of our booming business economy today - from which unimaginable achievement would have flowed.

These are the stories that we are obligated to tell in order to help people to bridge the gaps between the enslavement of our ancestors, their incredible suffering and resistance, and to instruct as to built their knowledge as to how little time separates us from their daily lives.

These were Brothers and Sisters who talked back, fought back - and whose reflection provides evidence that everything we touch can turn to gold, absent the presence of the pillager and ravager who looted, stole it, mangled it and then proceeded to call it his own.

Note, there are occasional contradictions among these presentation below given the variety of productions and perspectives. Forgive them in order to absorb the depth and breadth of this important Afrikan history.

Note, some of these presentations include images of the deceased.

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Bridging The Gap . . . Black Wall Street, Part 1

"The purpose of this documentary and the series of Bridging The Gap Between History & Hip-Hop is to spark conversation amongst youth and adults alike to look deeper into the stories about American history that are not often told."

"They had doctors, lawyers, their own airline companies . . . everyone helped each other, and they were making their own money and keeping it within the community."

Tulsa Race Riots

W/Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Burning of Greenwood, Oklahoma - The Black Wall Street

"The date was June 1, 1921, when "Black Wall Street," the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious whites."

Burning of Greenwood, Oklahoma

Black Wall Street, Let us not forget: May 31, 1921

"The main thoroughfare was Greenwood Avenue, and it was intersected by Archer and Pine Streets.

From the First Letters in each of those Three Names you get G.A.P. And that’s where the renowned R&B Music Group The GAP Band got its name.

They’re From Tulsa."

Let us not forget

Black Wall Street, Talking Drum

"The citizens of this proposed Indian and Black state chose a Black governor, a treasurer from Kansas named McDade.

But the Ku Klux Klan said that if he assumed office that they would kill him within 48 hours."

Black Wall Street, Talking Drum

Documentary: Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pt. 2

"They would look at the mansions in Little Africa - and seethe."

The Rise and Fall of Greenwood

"A new look into Tulsa's segregated past reveals the power of the people"

The Rise and Fall of Greenwood

Mass Murder of a Black Community

(Includes a photo of a deceased Brother.)

Mass Murder of a Black Community

Part 3

"These could be best described as 'klan deputies."

Reflections of the Tulsa Resistance of 1921

"You see, my grandparents and their three sons were there. "

Reflections of the Tulsa Resistance of 1921

The Tulsa Riot of 1921

Africans in Western Territory

Africans in Western Territory

Pt. 4

"Even white women with shopping bags would come in open drawers, take every kind of finery from clothing to silverware and jewelry . . . "

Mass Graves Hold The Secret of America Race Massacre

"Dr Snow, 71, has uncovered the bones of Josef Mengele, the Auschwitz "Angel of Death", in Brazil and the victims of atrocities in every continent from Argentina to Ethiopia and Bosnia.

"I was used to seeing such things in Bosnia or Africa," he said. "But this is so close to home.

It is important to remember these things can happen in your own backyard."

Mass Graves Hold The Secret

Tulsa Reparations: The Survivor's Story

"Tulsa can only redeem herself from the country-wide shame and humiliation into which she is today plunged by complete restitution and rehabilitation of the black belt.

The rest of the United States must know that the real citizenship of Tulsa . . . will make good the damage, so far as it can be done, to the last penny."

Tulsa Reparations: The Survivor's Story

Pt 5

"Tulsa's newspapers described it as a military adventure . . . the Black people defending their homes were described as the enemy . . . gun toting White men were described as riflemen or soldiers."

The Tulsa Massacre, 1921

"There were Black-owned movie theaters, a newspaper, jewelry stores, 15 doctors, three law offices, a school, three grocery stores, many restaurants, churches, and a Black-owned bus line."

The Tulsa Massacre, 1921

Africans still fighting back from 1921 bombing of Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Furthermore, the bodies of the victims that were killed during the battle should be found and given a proper burial.

That was the last recommendation made by the Commission in 2000."

Africans still fighting back

Oklahoma Commission Study of Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

Oklahoma Commission

Pt 6

" . . .there we found to be piles of bricks, ashes and twisted urn, representing years of toil and savings . . . "

U.S. ethnic cleansing: The 1921 Tulsa Massacre

U.S. ethnic cleansing: The 1921 Tulsa Massacre

Little Africa on Fire


Little Africa on Fire

Pt 7

"What I could not understand was why these people who were helpless as babes, were placed under guard . . . nevertheless heavily armed guards all around the building, some kind - others were beasts dressed in uniforms."

Reconstructing The Dreamland

Reconstructing The Dreamland

Tulsa Burning

"On a single night, more than 10,000 armed and crazed whites looted and burned down the city's entire black section.

In the pictures on LaFortune's desk, the smoke is still rising off the scorched earth, drifting between charred trees and the few jagged remains of brick walls."

Tulsa Burning

Tulsa Race Riots

"Cattle and other livestock
were destroyed~ clothing and other items of value
were stolen by the rioters~ horses and mules were
stolen. Cars were stolen and driven out of town."

Tulsa Race Riots

Pt 8

(Includes some photos of deceased.)

Black Wall Street Memorial March at facebook

Black Wall Street March at facebook

Remembering Black Wall Street

"When the smoke cleared, over 1,200 homes had been destroyed, leaving over 9,000 homeless.

And a commercial district that had multi-story buildings - including the Stradford, Gurley, Red Wing and Midway hotels; the Dreamland Theater; YMCA Cleaners; East End Feed Store; Osborne Monroe's Roller Skating Rink; the Tulsa Star and Oklahoma Sun newspapers;, Dunbar Elementary School and Frissell Memorial Hospital – was leveled, with nothing left but ash and debris."

Remembering Black Wall Street

The Tulsa Race Riot and Domestic Terrorism

"But a conspiracy of silence, fearfulness and shamefulness kept the Tulsa Race Massacre a mystery even for those who grew up in Tulsa - until Timothy McVeigh committed this awful act in the same state."

Tulsa Race Riot and Domestic Terrorism

Tulsa Slide Show

The Tulsa Massacre, 1921

""They set our house on fire and we were up in the attic... five kids...

We were able to get out without injury but bullets were zinging around there...

But when we got down, the telephone poles were burned and falling and my poor sister who was two years younger than I am said, `Kinney, is the world on fire?' I said, `I don't think so, but we are in deep trouble."

The Tulsa Massacre, 1921

Africans still fighting back from 1921 bombing of Tulsa, Oklahoma

"When the martial law was lifted, Africans had to wear “blue cards” to ensure they were there to work for white bosses."

Africans still fighting back

Tulsa Burning

"The fighting, pillaging and burning continued all night and into the morning. The riot was now a war; being fought building by building, block by block.

The white's rage was blinding: At one point, the advancing mob noticed a lone, unarmed pedestrian across the street. Mistaking him for Black, the rioters opened fire, hitting him some 25 times. "Death was instantaneous," reported the Tulsa World the following morning. "He was hit so many times his body was mangled almost past identification."

Tulsa Burning

What happened to Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921?

"During the 16 hours of the assault, over 800 people were admitted to local hospitals with injuries, an estimated 10,000 were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire caused by bombing."

June 1, 1921

Black Wall Street, Part 2

Reparations For Greenwood

Tulsa Race Riot Commission Recommends Reparations


Tulsa Commission Recommends Reparations

Kelly Bryant - Black Wall Street

Durham's Hayti (Haiti)

Black Wall Street

"A Black man may get up in the morning from a mattress made by Black men - in a house that Black men built, our of lumber which Black men cut and planed."

From Unearthing a Dirty Little Secret

"For the most part, though, the local, county, state and federal governments refused to lend any help to the riot victims, and indeed, they did everything they could to prevent the rebuilding of Greenwood."

"Local ordinances were passed requiring impossible special fire restrictions."

"Not a single black insurance claim was ever paid, but records neatly recorded the many whites who were reimbursed for lost property."

"Initial reports put the death toll at thirty."

"The first report on the riot blamed violent blacks for the destruction."

"The infamous editorial 'To Lynch Negro Tonight' was conveniently and neatly cut out of all newspapers before the paper was archived."

"The records of the National Guard have vanished, as have those of the fire department and the roster of the Ku Klux Klan in 1921."

"Eddie Faye said she was shocked to discover that a 1932 roll of Tulsa Klansman still included people who had been the most powerful and important white citizens during the Tulsa riot, including the mayor, teachers, policemen, Boy Scouts, lawyers, and doctors."

Excerpts and thumbnail image from Irene at "Unearthing a Dirty Little Secret"

Closeup of burning homes at Little Africa, Black Wall Street from northtulsa.com

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